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Second Chance Financing Is Not Available Through Just Any Dealer!

Sorry Only Available To New York & Pennsylvania Residence At This Time.

In children’s games its call a “do over” and in golf, among friends, it’s called a mulligan. In the finance industry it’s known as a second chance loan. Not everyone is able to provide them. It is designed specifically for people who have had serious credit problems in the past. Serious credit problems like bankruptcies, repossessions, liens and garnishments for example.

Problems in the past do not always mean you have problems in the present. Options are available if you know where to look. At The Great Outdoors RV Superstore we have experience with this type of second chance financing. There are many dealers who offer the poor credit loan but shy away from providing financing to those who are considered high risk. If you have had serious credit issues in your past, our network can help! But just like that mulligan, you’re only allowed one. A third chance is not likely!

On-time payments are a necessity if you are to turn your second chance opportunity into an improved credit score and a new beginning. Credit inquiries from dealers/lenders that can’t provide second chance financing may only further lower your credit score. Start here and avoid the disappointment! Fill out an application through The Great Outdoors RV Superstore and you can be assured that we will contact you. We will afford you competitive rates and terms for this type of credit situation.

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