Canadian Buyers

At The Great Outdoors RV Superstore we sell hundreds of RV's to our Canadian friends each year. Don't let the fact that there is a Border between us keep you from saving thousands of dollars on your next New or Used RV purchase. Your RV does not need a CSA sticker in order to take it home! Here at The Great Outdoors we take all the hassle out of buying a New or Used RV in the United States. We will prepare all the paperwork for you. 

Paperwork consists of the following::
PURCHASE ORDER – showing the vehicle identification number and the agreed to purchase price. This needs to be a signed original as the Canada border agent will calculate the goods and services tax from the paid amount on the purchase order.
RECALL CLEARANCE LETTER – this can be a faxed copy but does need to be on the manufacturers company letter head and must show the Vin number of the vehicle being purchased.
TITLE or MSO – the title or MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin or factory title before its turned into a customers ownership title) needs to be assigned to the purchaser by the dealership. You will need to have this document as it will be the only document that transfers ownership to the customer

With the three documents listed above in hand you are now ready to head home with your RV. Once at the border you will need to stop by the United State side first to make sure there is nothing needed for the US border agent. Then proceed to the Canada border agent office where they will ask for the paperwork we have supplied to you at our dealership. They will inspect the trailer to make sure the serial number matches, have you fill out an import form and will collect the goods and services tax and the Canada RIV fee. Then your on your way. Its that simple.

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